How ya doin’?

So it’s Saturday morning, I’m still in pj’s on my laptop drinking my tea, and two delivery men from The Brick are here to deliver our THIRD replacement couch.  (We bought the darned thing in November, and it seems each replacement is more damaged than the last.  My displeasure with The Brick is a whole other matter, which I will document thoroughly on my Facebook page, with the added bonus of a few choice words perhaps).

What caught my attention (hard to do on a Saturday-in-pj’s-with-tea-and-laptop kind of morning) was the way in which the delivery guys were talking about their job, or rather, were complaining about their jobs.  One railed that it was his last day, he was quitting when he got back to the warehouse, etc.  The second was lamenting on the deteriorating nature of his health and sanity and he wondered why he took the job in the first place.  He’s had enough %$% in this job “to last him 3 lifetimes”.  Huh, I’m glad I don’t work there, is my thinking.  Place drives you crazy and breaks you, is also my thinking.

Which leads me to my next thought – how I project my attitude to those around me.  I’m very careful when I’m at school to always be positive, energetic and hopeful.  The question by teachers, “How ya doin’?” is always answered with a resounding “Great! And how about you?”  At least I try.  My life could be crashing down around my ears (which about 15 months ago it seemed like it was doing just that), I could have deadlines looming, an ever-growing to-do list, and I don’t want that to show.  I want my team, my students and my parents to see someone who loves their job (which I absolutely do) and who is happy to at work (which I absolutely am).  I want to project a positivity that’s infectious, to make all of us feel as though we can tackle anything (which we absolutely can).  Any fears, anxieties or doubts I save for my one-on-one time with my principal, and my personal time with my husband.  They hear all the good stuff too 🙂 and thankfully there’s more of the latter than the former.

I’m also learning to change my vocabulary.  There’s a fellow administrator in my school board who was my instructor last spring for my principal’s course, and he challenged us to look at those “bad” days we have and re-frame them into “challenging” days.  Bad days, he said, leave you feeling helpless.  There’s nothing you can do about a bad day – they happen.  But so do challenging days, and they can give you an opportunity to reflect: how did you rise to meet the challenge?  What have you learned from the challenge(s) of the day?  What will you do differently the next time similar challenges arise?  Way more productive don’t you think, than getting bogged down in negativity?

So how ya doin’?

4 thoughts on “How ya doin’?

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  2. Erin, I love the post! Positivity is so important. This is why I am such a fan of appreciative inquiry as opposed to doing gap based analysis when we examine our school communities.

  3. Thanks Brent. I’m new to the appreciative inquiry per say, as I was only introduced to the term this past fall by Marianne Harvey at one of my intern sessions. However, I have always tried to live by “positive begets positive”. It can be more challenging on some days than others, but it’s worth it.

  4. Very nice post. I also try each day to be the most positive person in the building, which is hard to do with the teachers I work with because they are some of the most positive go-getters I know. Being positive sure makes a huge difference in the way our days go. Thanks for sharing!

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