Small things that can lift a heavy load

There are those that are within my smaller group of friends and family that are well aware of my disastrous March Break.  The two school days leading up to it were hectic: a student bitten on the face by a Rottweiler in front of the school, and a complete power outage that tested our powers of organization and stress resiliency.  My husband’s clinic had a plow drive through the front door and window early in the morning. Over the break my mother was again rushed to the hospital by ambulance, and the week was tied up with supporting my father and working with medical staff to get her stabilized.  My father’s brother was also rushed by ambulance to the same hospital, so we were then on double duty.  And on the Sunday evening before we returned to work, my kitchen plumbing went kablooey.

I’m not writing this for pity or attention, and I’m certainly not complaining (except for maybe the plumbing).  These events were what they were, but I did return to work this past Monday needing a break from my break 🙂

But then something wonderful happened.  A complete stranger, walking by our school, chirped a cheery “Good morning!” and smiled at me.  Not to mention the several hundred smiles I got from kids coming off the bus Monday morning. <sigh> For some reason those smiles were just what I needed.  So smile at a complete stranger today – you never know what it could mean to them!

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