My updated Wordle

Every once in a while I like to run my blog feed through Wordle to get a perspective on what I’m saying.  For those not familiar, Wordle is a Java script that clusters key words from a text, with word size becoming larger the more frequently you use the word.

 Wordle: ErHead

(Click on the image to get a larger view)

So from what I’ve Wordled so far, I’m pretty happy.  My focus seems to be on the stakeholders – students, staff, parents.  How do you Wordle up?

3 thoughts on “My updated Wordle

  1. Sure thing!
    1. Once you’re at the Wordle website, copy and paste your blog url into the box. Clock submit.

    2. The site will generate a wordle arrangement for you, but you can alter the font, style, colour and direction with the tabs in the box.

    3. Click on the save button to save your wordle to the gallery. You can leave it as Anonymous, but I give mine a title, usually after my blog.

    4. Go to the gallery and find your wordle. There should be a button to click to add your wordle to your blog. It will give you some html script. Highlight and copy it.

    5. In your blog post on WordPress, write your post and when you’re ready to insert the wrodle html, click on the html tab on the top right of your post box. Your whole post will go to html format. Past the code where you want it then click your box back to the previous format. The wordle image should be there. I linked my image to the wordle page using WordPress’ chain icon above the text box.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you need anything else!


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