Why I Love Being a School Administrator

My office prior to the "Big Clean"

Today is a professional development day in my school district, and all my staff is busily working away on report cards.  I too have report cards to write, being a half-time teacher as well as VP, but today is my day to be here and available to support staff should they need me with questions on assessment, etc.  My staff is proving to be quite knowledgeable as I’ve hardly heard from anybody!

So, I went to plan B: reconnecting with my online PLN, blogging, and (ugh) clearing out some stuff.  However, sometimes in the mundane we find some treasures.  I found an old poster on “Why I Would Remain a Principal” – nothing fancy, just a goldenrod-coloured 11×17 piece of paper with 18 points on why this unknown author would not want to leave the profession.  I think it was probably written around the time I was born from the looks of it, but even given it’s age, it got me to thinking: these are many of the reasons why I love working as a school administrator, and thought I would share these points here.  I would love for others to add to the list!

  1. Education is both challenging and rewarding.
  2. Changes provide an incredible opportunity for leadership to make changes with staff, students and community (original says for, and doesn’t include the community).
  3. A Principal can make  a difference in the lives of staff and students (the original said values rather than lives – thought that was a bit strange).
  4. Principals have positive contributions to make to the education of young people.
  5. We’ve built an excellent education system and I’m excited to carry it on into the future (and oh, what a future it will be!).
  6. We really care and advocate for children.
  7. A Principal has the most impact on the community, the staff and therefore, the students.
  8. I enjoy what I’m doing.
  9. I have a vision and the motivation to achieve many goals.
  10. This is my opportunity to have an impact on society and to give service.  It is the best match with my skills, abilities and desires.  It is a challenge that I need to meet.
  11. I never thought being  a Principal would be an easy job but I still love it as I make a difference.  I get lots of hugs just by walking down the hall.
  12. I have a strong belief and commitment to public education, high standards, and rich learning opportunities for children.  I like what I’m doing and I’m good at it (I would add that I also love the fact that I’m always growing as a professional).
  13. I have gained the trust and credibility of my community.
  14. This is my opportunity to do some positive things with kids despite all the doom and gloom stuff.
  15. I can make a difference at the staff and student level.
  16. I’m proud of the public education system that we have all worked to build, and I thrive on the challenges that it still presents.
  17. It is my destiny – that is, where the sum total of my life experiences and talents have directed me thus far.  To this point, I have found this path exceptionally rewarding.
  18. I followed my heart.

What can you add?

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