Educators for PinterestEDU

After Debbie Fucoloro (@debbiefuco)  and I connected on my previous post on edu-pinning, she offered some concerns she had about Pinterest’s ability to create safe learning environments for students.  Debbie then suggested that Pinterest would be wise to create a companion site as Glogster and Symbaloo did; a PinterestEDU if you will.  I’m not sure if she was being tongue-in-cheek or not, but at the mention of a petition, I thought, why not? Educators are quickly realizing Pinterest’s value as a social learning tool, minus the safety parameters of a site geared for educational use.  So we collaborated on a friendly online petition, and it is now ready for signatures.

If you are an educator who uses Pinterest as a learning tool, or who recognizes its potential for such, please sign the petition here and let’s hope the innovators at Pinterest are receptive.

Fingers crossed!

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