10 Great Women Stars to Follow in the Twitterverse

Last week I read a post from William T. Sprankles (@PBSViking) where he created a list of amazing educators and leaders for people to follow. I already follow most of the people on that list and was happy to connect to a few more based on William’s recommendation. I would even add a few more from my PLN to that list:

When I shared William’s list on my Facebook account, colleague and PLN-er Brenda Sherry pointed out that there were some women missing from that list, so from that, I share with you a list of 10 women from my PLN who have been instrumental to my learning and in my development as a school leader because they propose innovative ideas, they challenge the status quo, they share their stories and they pose provocative questions. This list is by no means exhaustive, and I would love to gather more names, male or female of people who have helped transform you as a person, educator and leader, much as my PLN have for me.

3 thoughts on “10 Great Women Stars to Follow in the Twitterverse

  1. Yikes! You have me listed with some pretty powerful company there Erin. I hope I can live up to the professionalism of this group of collaborative learners. Thanks for the honour.
    Btw, I learn just as much from you.

    • My thanks to you Donna! I have learned a lot from you and everyone on my list (and more), whether they are in my board, like Shannon, or on a more international stage, like Angela or Sheryl.

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