My thank you to my daughter’s teachers

I have never felt so unprepared for a day for which I have spent almost 19 years preparing. Tomorrow my daughter Adrienne moves in to her own apartment – free at last, all grown up and ready to fly. My husband and I have been standing by helplessly the last few days as she excitedly swirls around the house collecting, organizing and packing all of her (and some of my) belongings.

It is a day that many parents have experienced, or will. It isn’t easy, no matter what anyone says. Thankfully Adrienne has not asked me to help her pack as I would probably bawl all over her (and my) things. So I’m stuck here with my thoughts, wondering where the hell the time went, and did her father and I do everything we needed to do to prepare her. And then my thoughts drifted to all the teachers and administrators Adrienne has had over the years. Adrienne wouldn’t be the person she is today – smart, confident, headstrong, ready to take on life, without the guidance of some amazing educators (and one or two not so amazing).

Jean Hillman discovered and nurtured Adrienne’s musical talent in grade 6. She encouraged her to accept one of the leading roles in the school play (Sheriff of Nottingham – perfect casting!) and Adrienne has never looked back. She has become a talented musician, singer and photographer.

Kerry Green was her kindergarten teacher – her first impression of this world we call school – and Adrienne blossomed and thrived as a confident student under Kerry’s kind hand.

Gary Stewart was Adrienne’s grade 3 teacher and he didn’t shy away from inviting kids to explore big questions. He created a classroom based on respect and challenged the kids to stand up for what was right. Adrienne has a strong sense of justice and is not afraid to fight for what she feels is equitable.

I could go on and on. Adrienne’s father and I will always be grateful for the partners we had when it came to moulding the young lady that we are now sending out in to the real world. Thank you to Kerry, Charlotte, Leslie, James, Rose, Jean, Andrew, Chantale and many others.

And to think, I’ll be doing this all over again in a few years with my son…

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