Moving From Newsletters to Blogs – My Presentation-That-Never-Was at #ECOO12

Well, I may be Irish, but luck was not with me this past week.  I had eagerly travelled to Richmond Hill for #ECOO12, looking forward to meeting my colleagues from Twitter. Tuesday I had the inkling of a sore throat and some sniffles, but by Wednesday, I was out for the count and had to cancel my presentation. But, for what it’s worth, here are the slides from what I would have presented.

2 thoughts on “Moving From Newsletters to Blogs – My Presentation-That-Never-Was at #ECOO12

  1. So worth it! Thanks for sharing. Missed you in real-time but I know it will happen soon. Interested in chatting about doing a GDoc newsletter using a template. Did one last month and now would like to have it student-owned. Any thoughts? Love to hear them.

  2. Hi Erin Paynter

    I’m Giorgio Lymon a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed viewing this presentation concerning blogging. The points that you stressed throughout your presentation were all really important to teachers that use and the ones that are undecided if they want to use blogger. I believe that if they look at this presentation that they will understand that blogging is not just good for the students but that it’s a great application for parents as well. Blogging can stop numerous situations where parents are confused about grades, assignments, and what their child will be learning daily. In EDM310, we use Blogger which has been a great first time experience for me. At first, I did not believe how interactive this application could be until I started my first week of class. I learned from many different students and professors by viewing their opinion on a topic. I believe that blogging is great learning tool that should be used in all types of schooling.

    Thanks for your time,
    Giorgio Lymon

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